greeloy china gs 2


The suction unit is applied in the process of oral cavity treatment as it can pump foreign objects attached with germina, such as oral secretion and dirty blood, as well as protecting environment since the objects can be dealt with before being pumped. It is mainly used for clinics and hospitals in the treatment of oral health.

1. Multi-function apparatus, can be used in vacuum suction of pus, waste water, blood, saliva, dentin and a wide variety of filling materials.

2. With metal cabinet has anti vibration system and silencer for the exhauster air, virtually silent performance, it is more ergonomic to locate as close as possible to the dental unit.

3. Reliable electric motors more than 350L/min suction flow on the spray, to provide strong protection against infection.

4. Easy to operate, maintenance-free, the dentist will not work in patients with swallowing reaction was interrupted.

5. Advanced technology, as air-water separation system from Europe, which adopts whirlpool gas filtration system to achieve easier separation of water and vapor and longer separation path.

6. Lower noise suction pump and better drainage system, this machine can work in a quieter and more stable manner. So it is a preference for dentists.

7. SKU: GL-I-GS(02)-220



Model No. :GS-02


Vacuum: -13KPa

Pump Flow: 600L/min

Noise: 46dB

Volt./Hz: 110-240V 50/60Hz

Net Weight: 30KG

Gross Weight: 34KG

Dimensions: 555 x 475 x 520cm


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