Demega-Korea 6000


The DMEGA Teravac is a modern suction motor. With state of the art technology inside this product delivers exactly what you can expect from a modern suction motor.

Just to mention some of the features:

Automatic pressure sensor enables reaction to supply optimal vacuum power for the use. When only 1 unit is working it operates at a low constant flow level, to save energy and extend the overall motor life time.

The double impella ensures total separation from fluids and air. A teflon ring in the suction chamber prevents breakdowns in motor and impelller, which again extends the lifetime.

The Teravac suction motor is available in two versions. A Teravac 3000 that works with up to 3 units, and the Teravac 6000 that works with up to 6 units.


Features of the DMEGA Teravac suction motors include:


Frequency transformed motor

Pressure sensor

Teflon gasket

Energy saving


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