W&H Dentalwerk WE-56T



WE-56 T Dental contra-angle handpiece with push-button chucking system, for contra-angle burs with Ø 2.35 mm (ISO 1797-1) Drive speed: 40,000 min-1 Motor connection according to standard: ISO 3964 Outer diameter of the sheath: 18 mm WE-56 T REF 30120000 Contra-angle handpiece 1:1 Head size: Ø 10.1 mm Head height (with 19 mm bur): 20.8 mm Alegra Straight and Contra-angle Handpieces without light Outer diameter of the sheath: 18 mm W&H Straight handpiece HE-43 T with Contra-angle handpiece WE-57 T Light construction and slender design The ultralight design of the Alegra straight and contra-angle handpieces reduces fatigue. With the micro air motor the Alegra straight or contra-angle handpiece is perfectly balanced. W&H offers the optimal range of air motors for your Alegra straight and contra-angle handpieces. Your advantages at a glance Robust and durable Ergonomic design Simple bur changing with the push-button chucking system Component replacement by the user Sterilizable External coolant supply (spray clip, coolant hose, nozzle cleaner) available as accessories Simple bur changing Robust and durable Perfect balance


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