W&H Austria RC90

For more hygiene and better operation.

  • Borden 2- Hole Connections
  • Steel Ball Bearings
  • Single Jet Spray
  • Friction grip chucking System
  • 11 Watts Power



With the RC Series W&H offers a range of high quality instruments to an exellent price/performance ratio

  • Demonstrate the quality expected of a W&H product but at a very attractive price
  • The ergonomic , light weight and quiet turbines rest perfectly in the hand for relaxed fatique-free work
  • Allow for precise handling and provide longevity because of their robust and solid components like the all new ball bearing system
  • Patented Hygienic head system to reduce internal debris, the circulating air within the turbine head ensures aerosol particles are sucked in, even as the rotor slows.
  • Replaceable water filter for more hygiene and better operations



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