Endo Motor W&H Entran



revolutionizes rotary root canal preparation with its advanced features and user-friendly design. Offering complete freedom of movement, the lightweight and cableless system boasts an extra small head for an expanded field of view and easy access to treatment sites, minimizing hand fatigue during procedures. The lithium-ion battery ensures an impressive 30 treatments on a single charge, enhancing practitioner efficiency. Safety is paramount, with autoreverse and auto-forward modes featuring automatic safety stops to reduce the risk of file breakage. Torque control is visually monitored through an LED control ring, alerting users when 75% of the set torque is reached. The ergonomic drive handpiece ensures fatigue-free and comfortable operation. The Entran system, comprising the EB-3 H drive handpiece, EB-16 contra-angle head, and a versatile charging station, sets new standards in endodontic technology, combining reliability, safety, and optimal user experience.

  • Cordless for complete freedom of movement
  • Contra-angle attachment with¬†extremely small head
  • Torque limiting and torque control
  • Auto reverse and auto forward mode
  • Reliability with long-life Li-ion battery
  • Ergonomic drive handpiece for fatigue-free
  • and comfortable working
  • Contra-angle head thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable


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