DS730 Sensor Dental Imaging System

High quality imaging on the spot
Sensor Type: APS CMOS
Pixel Size: 18.5μm*18.5μm
Sensor Thikness: 6mm
Memory: 4GB & Above


Product Parameter

Model DS730
Sensor Type APS CMOS
External dimensions 39mm × 27.5mm
effective area 30mm × 22.5mm
Scintillator GOS 675mm ²
Pixel Size 18.5μm*18.5μm
effective pixel 1.9M(1600*1200)
Line pair resolution Theoretical value: 27lp/mm Actual value: 12-14lp/mm(GOS)
Sensor thickness 6mm
Grayscale range 0~4095
Power 5.0 V(≥ 4.25V)
Interface USB2.0


Minimum computer configuration requirements
Configuration Minimum Requirements
Processor 1.5GHz Intel chip processor and above
Memory 4G and above
Hard disk There is 1GB of space for software installation and 40GB of free space for using software
Graphics Nvidia/ATI based graphics card, 256MB of RAM
Display 1024x 768 minimum screen resolution; 32-bit color mode
USB At least two USB2.0 interfaces should be available
(If it is a desktop, you must ensure that the two available USB2.0 interfaces are the interfaces behind the host)
Operating System Windows 7(32-bit/64-bit) Windows 10(32-bit/64-bit)


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