CL-A Cordless LED Curing Light

One second dental LED curing light.

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1). 360° rotatable aluminum alloy lamp cap, that can be autoclaved (135℃, 0.22MPa) for more than 500 times. Good drop resistance. No cracking. Much better than traditional plastic materials.

2). Protection cover of lamp cap is made of quartz glass and the light transmittance of quartz glass is over 95%. Good drop resistance and wear resistance. Better than PVC materials and common glass.

3). Detachable Mini light shield keeps invention patent. It effectively filters blue light by 98%.

4). Light intensity:

Low intensity mode (L): 1000~1300mW/cm² .Time setting: 5S,10S,15S,20S
High intensity mode (H): 1600~1800mW/cm².Time setting: 3S,5S,10S,15S
Super high intensity mode (SH): 2200~2400mW/cm².Time setting: 1S,2S,3S.
5). Battery capacity 1400mAh. It will take less than 3 hours for a full charge. A fully charged battery can be used for more than 700 times under super high intensity mode or more than 1000 times under high or low intensity mode. When device is in low power status, the screen will flash all the time to remind the user to charge. Standby time is longer than 1 year.


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