Bio-Art Plast Vac P7 Plus


Bio-Art Plast Vac P7 Plus Vacuum Forming Machine
A pioneer in the national market, Bio-Art plasticizers have been manufactured since 1979. The practicality of its work and its differentiated design make the Bio-Art plasticizer a leader in the national market. A powerful 1400W motor, generates the vacuum automatically at the moment of shaping. The Plastvac P7 does not require any special type of installation, just being connected to the office / laboratory electrical network. Quick and practical, it allows the preparation and delivery of the tray to the patient in a single session. On average the professional recovers the investment by making 30 plates. Suitable for round and square sheets of different materials,dimensions (small and large diameters) and colors for several applications: Whitening, surgical guide, bruxism, matrix for resin,mouthguard, copings, temporary bridge, orthodontic retainers and much more Plastvac P7 has a universal adapter for round and square plates, of different dimensions, thicknesses and materials.


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