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Since its inception in the 1989, Glow Pak International has been committed to provide quality products and services for the Health, power and industrial sectors countrywide. To fulfill this commitment, Glow Pak International built a modem facility in January 2000 in the industrial area of Lahore, Pakistan with a covered area of approx. 22,000sq. feet.

Glow Pak International management knew that a world class facility alone would not be enough to earn customer recognition as a leader in Dental, Lab equipments, Electro-Medical, Electronics and Industrial fields. They also knew that they needed the talents of knowledgeable and innovative people. By recruiting a team of Engineers with years of hands- on experience in the fields of Dental, Electro Medical, Electronics and Industrial, Glow iPak International has achieved its goal of not merely matching the performance of Dental, Electro-Medical, Electronics and Industrial Products already in the market but creating the next generation of Dental, Electro-Medical and Industrial products.

Glow Pak International feels strongly that its people and its commitment to quality products and service set it apart from the competition.

Glow Pak International; is flexible enough to provide personalized attention to each customer.

With its sound financial strength, modem facility and creative knowledgeable staff, Glow Pak International is your logical choice for Dental, Electro-Medical, Electronics and Industrial products both now and in the future.

Currently we manufacture Dental unit complete set, Autoclaves, Dental x-ray stand, Compressor tank, Compressor cabinet, ECG Trolley, Phantom head, Vibrator, Anesthesia Machine, Dentist Stool and Baby Incubator.

Currently we trade in dental equipment such as orthodontic wires, Orthodontic Products, Tooth Whitening Gels, Dental x-rays and OPG, Piezo Scalar, Light Cure Machine, Prophy System, Air Compressor, Laboratory Equipment, Central I Suction System, Sterilize, Autoclave, Dental Handpieces, Laboratory Motors, Adhesive Gel, Cleansing Tablets, Fluoride Foam, . Disposable items, Dental Accessories and Industrial instruments, Equipment and Spare Parts.

In Research and Lab Equipments, we deal in centrifuges, refrigerated centrifuge, ELISA Readers, Washers, UV Spectrophotometers, HPLC, Gel Documentation System, UV Tran illuminators, Testing Equipment, In-vitro and in-vito Agro testing equipment, Environmental testing equipment, such as weather stations, ElectronicslElectrical Lab equipment cryogenic equipment, Blood Bank storage cabinets. Ultra low freezers. Standardization testing equipment. Etc.

In Industrial sector we deal in the spare parts for the power plants, testing equipment, CNC lathe etc. In Medical Division, we deal in Suction Unit, OT lights, ENT units, Spiro meters, Sterilizers, Autoclaves, Blood Bank storage cabinets. Ultra low freezers etc.

Our mission, at Glow Pak International, to manufacture and delivers Dental, Electro-Medical, Lab, Electronics and Industrial products to the highest quality and to offer our customers most competitive prices.

Future Prospect, Glow Pak International intends to market their proclu4.-rs worldwide.

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M. Idrees Qadri

Director & CEO

M. Anees Qadri

Director R&D

M. Daniyal Qadri

Director Engineering

M. Talha Qadri

Marketing Manager

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