DENTall Dental Chair Motorized hydraulic chair. Comfortable arm rest. Right arm swings for patient use. Smooth seamless upholstery in a large selection of color.

Dental Chair:

  • -Motorized hydraulic chair.
  • -Comfortable arm rest. Right arm swings for patient use.
  • -Smooth seamless upholstery in  a large selection of colors.
  • -One touch pre-set one memory.
  • -One touch zero return system.
  • -Up/down and bock / forward movements.
  • -Emergency stoppage by single touch of switch.
  • -Air operated foot switch.
  • -Articulating Headrest adjustable for pediatric use also.
  • -Solenoid valve operated on 24v AC for safety.
  • -Moter pump capacity 10LPM
  • -Power 220v, 50Hz.

Doctor’s Tray:

  • -3/4 Hand piece automatic over the patient delivery system.
  • -Swing in/out flexible balance arm.
  • -Large instrument tray with S.S top
  • -Waste receptacle (optional)
  • -Rectangular air pressure gauge.
  • -Individual water flow controls.
  • -Individual air pressure controls.
  • -One 3-way syringe for doctor with quick disconnect tip for autoclave.
  • -Aseptic easy clean, tubing’s and fitting for the hand pieces straight or coiled (to be specified)
  • -LED X-Ray Viewer compatible with the unit.
  • -Touch Panel with following controls.
  • -Presets, Up, Down, Back, Forward, Auto return,
  • -Cup filler, bowl flush, dental light, X-ray viewer

Dental Light: (Shadowless)

  • -Light intensity low (18000 Lux), high (28000 Lux).
  • -Bulb Halogen, 12v, 55w.
  • -Light is compact, well balanced and easy to move vertical and inverse movements.
  • -Evenly distributed sharp Rectangular pattern.
  • -Light transformer in the junction box for safety.
  • -Color temp 4500 Kelvin approx.
  • -Focal distance 725mm approx.
  • -Light control with ON/OFF toggle switch and through touch panel, or through sensor ( to be specified) set with chair positions.
  • -input voltage 220v.

Cuspidor Unit:

  • -Single unit porcelain spittoon and sup filler.
  • -Time controlled automatic adjustable sup filler.
  • – Bowl Flush Manual or Automatic ( to be specified)
  • -3-way syringe for the assistant.
  • -High volume evacuator (air operated) with optional foot control.
  • -Saliva Ejector (air/water operated)
  • -Pressurized water container (optional)

Junction Box:

  • -Air, water supply lines with filters & regulators (to be specified)
  • -Safe electrical compartments with transformer, fuse, main switch etc. to give output, 24 VAC for safety.
  • -Main voltage 220/240V.


  • -Swivel seat with ergonomic padding  and gas pump with height adjustment of 5 casters.
  • -Counter type backrest flexible or arm support.
  • -Upholstery designed to offer the dentist full comfort and lumber support.