DCI Edge

DCI Edge Dental Operatory System

DCI Edge Dental Chair


For over 30 years, DCI has done things differently to make your life easier.  Now it’s time to bring our design expertise and focus on value to the forefront with DCI Edge operatory equipment.We believe in innovation and lean manufacturing to deliver low cost and high value to you.We believe in fairness in price.We believe in quality, trust, wellness, and giving back to the communities we serve.  These beliefs shape the DCI Edge.

Reliable, Inside & Out

DCI is the largest manufacturer of dental parts in the wequipment manufacturers in the markthat actually make your unit work, the “Most likely, you’ve been using DCI parts ffoot controls to control blocks, vacuum vflow control valves, there’s a good chancaccustomed to over the years.

DCI facilities in Newberg, Oregon, USA

DCI is a family owned company for two generations which is based in Newberg, Oregon, the heart of dental equipment manufacturing in America.The family previously owned several other popular equipment brands, so we’re no stranger to crafting high quality dental equipment.

No-Cure Setting

Filters out UV light to prolong the working time of photo-initiated resins

3 Intensity Level Settings

Settings of 17.5K, 26K, 35K lux, while maintaining a 3” X 6” pattern

3rd Axis Rotation

Improve lighting in all quadrants of the oral cavity

No-Touch Sensors

Control the light without contact using programmable no touch sensors