Runyes Care – 11, easy to use. Integrated PU base, the perfect combination of luxury and steady. Dental chair base with foot control units. The machine adopts full computer intelligence system, with two universal keys can be achieved by simply setting a key feature of any dental chair itself comes with, for example, by foot control light switch. Treatment chassis body can rotate 90° angle for easy four -hand operation. Spittoon inwardly rotated 90° to facilitate patient spitting. Computer master and slave control device has preset buttons , mouthwash keys , reset button function imported water. Headrest can be adjusted, suitable for children and adults posture.

Care 11 Dental Chair

Technology Parameters:

Air pressure: ≥0.55MPa

Gas-flow rate: ≥50L/min

Environmental condition: good ventilation of the indoor environment

Environmental temperature:  5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Relative humidity(RH):  ≤80%

Power supply:  AC220V,50Hz/60Hz

Input power:  1000W

The distance between chair and ground:  ≤460mm ~ ≥860mm

Headrest movement:  ≥140mm

Chair-back  back-move range:  110°~170°

Length of dental chair:  1900mm

The up-down speed of dental chair:  ≥ 300mm/min

The load of dental chair:  ≥135KG

The speed of high-speed turbine handpiece:  ≥300000 r/min

The speed of low-speed air motor handpiece:  ≥14000r/min

Adjustable oral lamp:  8000—15000 Lux; color temperature 3000—5000K

Suction system:  suction rate ≥800ml/min

The water-flow speed of Basin:  ≥1000ml/min

Instrument tray:  the maximum load lean degree≤3°

Dental unit standard configuration and characteristics:

High-speed turbine hand piece(4 holes) 2 sets:  Anti-resorption and blowing & cutting function

Low-speed  air motor hand piece (4 holes) 1 sets:    With Straight & Angle head

3-way syringe 2 sets:              With constant temperature water supply system

Water heating system 1 set:    Temperature range:35℃~45℃

Suction system 1 set:             Time delay function

Adjustable oral lamp 1 set:     8000—15000 Lux; color temperature 3000—5000K

Rotatable side-box 1 set:        Equipped with a revolving ceramic basin

Cleaning system 1 set:           Top location of water mouth, easy for refilling

Air lock type arm 1 set:          Electronic controlled air lock switch

Foot-switch 1 set:                  New type multi functional foot-switch

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