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       Dental Units

Doctor�s Tray
- 2-3 or 4 hand pieces manual delivery system.
-Swing in/out flexible self supporting balance arm for OTP system.
-Large instrument tray.
-Rectangular air pressure gauge, Individual air pressure controls.
-Water flow control.
-One 3-way syringe for doctor with quick disconnect tip for autoclave.
-Smooth aseptic easy clean.2-3 or 4 tubing s and fittings for the hand pieces straight or coiled.
- X-Ra viewer.
-air protected toot switch.

Cuspidor Unit
- Single unit porcelain spittoon with time controlled automatic adjustable or manual cup filler 90� rotatable.
- Bowl flush, programmable or manual.
-3 way syringe for the assistant (Optional)
- High volume evacuator (air operated) with optional foot control, volume control.
-salvia ejector (air / water operated)
- Pressurized water container (optional) for sterilized water with on / off control.

Dental Light (Shadow less)
- Output voltage high 12 V Low 10.5V
- Light intensity high (28000 Lux) Low (18000 Lux)
- BulbHalogen H3, 12V, 55W.
- light is compact well balanced and easy to move and to position
- Evenly distributed sharp Rectangular Pattern
- Input voltage 220V
- Light transformer in the junction box for safety
- Power output high 55W, low 50W.
- Color temp 4500 K approx at 22000 Lux for easy shade matching.

Dental Chair
-Motorized /hydraulic chair.
-Comfortable arm rests. Right arm swings up/out for patient use.
-Smooth seamless upholster in a large selection of colors.
-One touch pre-set memory position.
-One touch zero return system.
-Emergency stoppage by single touch of switch.
-Up/down and back/forward movements.
-Foot control for chair (optional).
-Headrest adjustable for Pediatric use
-Solenoid valve operated on 12 V AC for safety.
- 220 \ 50 Hz.
- No chair movement when hand piece is operating (Optional).
- Safety stop and safety oil drain system (Optional)

- Swivel seat with ergonomic padding and gas pump with height adjustment on 5 casters.
- Contour type backrest flexible or arm support.
- Upholstery designed to offer the dentist full comfort and lumber support.

Junctions Box
- Air, water, supply lines.
- Safe electrical compartment with transformer, fuse, main switch etc. to give output 24 %�AC for safety.
- Main 220/240%



Dawn Plus






       Dental Stools

Dental Stools

Dental Stools

Dental Stools

Dental Stools

Dental Stools
       Assembling of Dental X-ray Units

Dental X-ray

Dental X-ray 1

Dental X-ray 2
       Auto Clave


Proclave New
       Tank for Air Compressors

Air Compressors
       Dental Cabinet

Dental Cabinet

Dental Combinatory



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