Dental Suction Machine S101 is semi-wet suction system for one dental unit.The model is compact size so can make better use of a space in treatment rooms.

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Dental Suction Machine S101

With an air/liquid separation unit, the S101 Certainly separates the liquid and solid particles. Also S101 has auto drain valve system, it discharges the residue of liquid and blood automatically after stopping the motor. It prevents clogging problems.


Main Voltage:  230 VAC

Frequency:  50~60 Hz

Electrical power:  0.55~0.63 Kw

Current consumption:  3.7~4.4 Amp

Vacuum Regulated:  170/200 m bar

Suction motor rotation speed:  2,900~3,440 rpm

Number of treatment units: 1 Unit

Weight:  22 Kg

Dimensions (L×W×H):  33 x 54 x 62 cm

Noise Level:  50 db

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